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  Getting away with murder has never been so much fun! I write morally ambiguous characters who are pushed to their limits and take matters into their own hands. I write fiction that brings the darker impulses we may not feel completely comfortable with into the light. My stories are full of lies and deaths, but there is always justice. A type of justice that's not afraid to get its hands dirty. 

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From the author of the breakout hit MY BETTER HALF comes a story of deadly infatuation.

Nothing says ‘I love you’ like bad poetry and death threats.
Diana Flynn isn’t the fragile woman everyone thinks she is. She’s strong, stronger than anyone realizes, and she’s not going to let some sadistic stalker tear down the life she’s worked so hard to build.
When he violates the sanctity of her home, Diana realizes there's only one way to end it: she must take matters into her own hands. Once her psychotic secret admirer is finally revealed he won’t find her cowering and begging for mercy like he wants, because Diana Flynn is no victim.
But there is far more going on than Diana realizes, and what she doesn’t know may just get her killed...

What early readers are saying:
“This is why I read M.M. Boulder books!” ★★★★★
“The end did not let me down!” ★★★★★
“Great suspense! Could not put it down.” ★★★★★

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Coming Soon:

Two words, written in blood, I’M BACK...

Abby Brooks swore she’d never return to Antler Ridge Camp, not after what happened before, but a paycheck is a paycheck; and this one renovation job could save her family's struggling business and maybe the whole town with it.  Cooper Cliff, with all its flaws, is the only home Abby’s ever known, and the idea of leaving her quaint mountain town is too much to bear. But she should have trusted her gut, she should’ve said no, she should’ve quit; because she’s just discovered a dismembered corpse in cabin number one, and it’s only the beginning...   


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From the author of the breakout hit MY BETTER HALF comes a new story of the family ties that bind.

The truth doesn’t set you free, it only gets you killed...

Dead. They’re all dead. Her mother, her father, her siblings...all dead. Murdered in their own home, and Sian Ellis is next. But as she and her last remaining brother Gavin fight for their lives and search for answers, it becomes devastatingly clear that Gavin knows more than he’s saying. With no one to trust and nowhere to run Sian is forced to come face to face with her family’s dark secrets and the horrible truth behind her lineage...

What early readers are saying:
“This book did NOT disappoint!” ★★★★★

“The perfect twist!” ★★★★★

“This book is awesome!” ★★★★★

“I love how M.M. Boulder always makes the bad guys pay!” ★★★★★

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From the author of the breakout hit THE LAST DOOR comes a story of murder and marital unrest.

Lucille Stevenson has a secret.
Attacked at home by an unknown assailant, meek Lucille Stevenson should be dead, but she isn’t. She should have called the police, she should have told her husband, she should have done a lot of things, but she didn’t. Because what Lucille did to her attacker went far beyond self-defense. It was cold, brutal, and vicious, and if anyone found out, her life would be over. Unfortunately, her secret isn’t as safe as she thinks because Lucille isn’t the only one keeping secrets…

What early readers are saying:
“Brilliant!” ★★★★★

“The end did not let me down!” ★★★★★

“This book was fantastic!” ★★★★★

“A perfect psychological thriller with a perfect ending. So satisfying.” ★★★★★

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How far would you go to catch your mother’s killer?

Amy Harrison knows something terrible happened to her parents; she just doesn’t know what because she can’t remember the first twelve years of her life. Determined to uncover the truth, Amy begins an experimental treatment to recover her lost memories, and all she can see is blood.

Blood. Whiskey. Pink. A voice. Someone who loved her. Someone she loved. A killer. And death. So much death. Convinced her chaotic flashes of memory are real, Amy keeps pushing forward despite what it’s doing to her. But the further she goes, the more her memories take over her, pushing sweet Amy away and replacing her with someone else...

What early readers are saying:

“Holy Hell, fellow readers! What a roller coaster ride!” ★★★★★

“A perfect psychological thriller with a fantastic ending. Gripping!” ★★★★★

“A tense read with the perfect sense of imminent disaster.” ★★★★★

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Available in E-Book, Print, and Large Print. 

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Also Available: 
Writing as M.M. Crumley

Urban Fanatsy Like You've Never Seen Before

Soul eating tattoo. Check
Self-replicating knife. Check
Two-hundred-year-old score to settle. Double check.
Meet the immortal Doc Holliday.

Lying on his deathbed, Dr. John Holliday was offered a choice; let the tuberculosis finish its work or accept immortality. Doc chose the latter, knowing full well that such “gifts” don’t come cheap, but damned if the last two hundred years haven’t been a blast. Partying, playing, fighting, killing; yes, eternal life’s been good... But the time to get serious has finally come, and the task he’s always known he was saved for is at hand.
Now in modern-day Denver, Doc will be pushed to his limits to keep his promise and save the missing descendent of the beautiful shaman who gave him everlasting life. The trouble is things aren’t going as planned, and it’s becoming clear that there is far more at stake than Doc bargained for...

Fans of edgy Urban Fantasy look no further! If you’re into badass, morally ambiguous, anti-heroes that don’t flinch at killing bad guys (and stealing their souls) then this is the book for you! It has the perfect blend of supernatural action, humor, and mystery that you crave.

Read this first book in the new ongoing series today!
(Do it now...Don’t fight it... Just let it happen.)


And check out what some of our advanced readers had to say:
★★★★★ “Holy hell! Doc Holliday is effing awesome!”
★★★★★ “I needed this right now.”
★★★★★ “I’m addicted...Doc is my new drug of choice.”
★★★★★ “Brilliant.”
★★★★★ “The bantering made me laugh my ass off. So much fun; plus a great plot, characters and action.”
★★★★★ “Doc is my new favorite anti-hero! Brutally cool!”
★★★★★ “Someone make this a show, NOW!”
★★★★★ “This is why I learned to read. I just didn’t know it until now.”
★★★★★ “A character who’s not ashamed that his three favorite things are drinking, fighting and screwing (not necessarily in that order.)”
★★★★★ “Urban Fantasy flipped on its head in the best possible way.”
★★★★★ “I’ve been down lately, and this book was the perfect medicine.”

So what are you waiting for... Get the book already! It’s not going to read itself, but I bet it would if it could... Happy Reading!

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Embrace The Power. Become The Legend.

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Spring Sales Event-- First in series eBook ONLY 99¢ --for limited time.


The dust devil came closer and closer...
      Suddenly Andrew saw it. Just a tiny bit of black in the center of a grey mass of dirt and thorns. He aimed and fired, and dust spewed everywhere, coating Andrew in debris. He fixed his eyes on another one. They were attacking so fast now Andrew felt like he was a speed bag. He could barely catch his breath before another hit him, and every time one tore across him, his body cried out in hot pain. He swiped blood out of his eyes and fired again. A dust devil exploded.
     He fired again and again, reloading and reloading, until he ran out of ammo, and then he pulled one of his knives. His whole body stung. Blood was oozing into his palm, but he just gripped the knife tighter. He only had two knives, so he knew he couldn't throw them. He'd never be able to find them again, and then he'd be weaponless. The absolute pure fear and dread that clawed at him sharpened everything, making everything clearer. He wasn't going to die like this. Not in Pecos's body. Not here. Not now. 


Andrew's journey from boy to man and from average to extraordinary is fraught with perils and sacrifice and will keep you hooked from start to finish.

"Inspiringly dark and filled with perfect banter, M.M. Crumley does a triumphant job emblazoning new life into the nearly forgotten folk character of Pecos Bill. Charged with emotion, growth, and heroes who make you believe in legends again. This is one coming-of-age urban fantasy series you can't miss!" -Starred Editorial Review

What early readers are saying:
"Brilliant!" ★★★★★
"The end did not let me down." ★★★★★
"This book was fantastic!" ★★★★★
"Great twist on urban fantasy." ★★★★★

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A Special Note from the Author:
Every Andrew Rufus book is an action-packed adventure, but the series itself is about a journey. Andrew Rufus begins the series as a normal teenager, but he ends the series as a man. With every book Andrew grows and changes; and his tough companions change with him. Even as they teach him how to be a man, he challenges their rules on what it means to be male.
Faced with terrible truths, Andrew struggles with his identity as a "white man" and begins to question what is right and wrong, what is moral, and how far is too far. Every day he falls further and further into darkness, further and further from the accepted norm, from the accepted morality; but he learns to survive, no matter the cost; and he always protects his own.     

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Seven Amazing Books. One Incredible Story.


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